The Lifestyle Upgrade-2021

I signed up with Seacret in 2000. Had plans to go travelling in April which were cancelled

Sad that the cruise didn’t take place after the waiting for two years, resigned myself to the fact that travelling out of England this year wasn’t possible. Thankfully for my online business, online live events have been accessible with the majority of training’s being online. So to get quick results if you have the stamina you can be present in global meetings all over the world from the comfort of your own home.

The majority of the service industry migrated to “THE CLOUD” which has been fantastic for those of us that understand how to utalise modern technology and have face to face meetings over Zoom. Zoom for the Entrepreneurs and Microsoft Teams for the corporate

Really, there are no excuses anymore, events are available live and recorded so you don’t have to bow to peer pressure and be on the live presentations as there are some recorded. Watch from Facebook now streaming using Chromecast on your own TV. The same with Youtube

These days i run this #sidehustle – around my day job – everything connected to this blog and now the new opportunity with Seacret. A low cost business, where you build your income by helping others duplicate your actions.

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