Stella Holman – Social Media – Twitter Coaching

I’m an Entrepreneur – known as “The Connector” online – a IT whizz, with a passion for helping others within a business to make full use technology combined with networking to make the right connections.

I am active on Twitter using these #hashtags



My main Twitter account is below with my sub accounts that tweet my content throughout my networks.


/ ||   @Look_FeelBetter

In 2017 listed in the top 100 Sage Business Experts for 2017 

2018 has been exciting with the opportunity to contribute to the Sage Blog     

I am always discovering ways to be creative online and use systems and tools to create business leads that turn into paid clients/customers.   As with web designers it is important to have a portfolio of achievements.   I have used various methods to promote my Affiliate Marketing & Network Marketing Business

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