Are you Satisfied with an Average Life?

Do I need to lie to make my way in Life?

Exaggeration is also a form of lying and should be avoided at all counts…

Typically, Monday was like any other day though it was a inset day so my son Julian was off school and as he had sat up half the night on his Xbox live at 11am he was still asleep

 My daughter Sonia is still trying to get her toe healed after having an Ulcer and spends large amounts in time in bed. She can’t get a job at the moment as she is unable to wear shoes so she has no money and is fed-up.

 In some respects the negativity of it all is draining my energy levels; I used to enjoy working from home, now I am seeking ways to escape.

 I was due to start a new project working with a London based business who was receiving funding to get his “Mobile phone applications business up and running but it appears he has been scammed and now is having to take the Investment Company and their agent to court.  The agent so it appears has stolen the money and so this London company is not able to do anything at all, least of all pay me to commence all the social media work.  

 Maybe it is a selfish though to think and say that all the plans I had for this year now won’t happen.  My trip to Amsterdam to see my friend Jet Rotmans and go to see LetzZep with her at the Melkweg Theatre has to be cancelled.  Going along to a Organo Gold Presentation and meeting Gerry Van Zantvoort and Helen Roosing won’t happen either as we are now almost in to March.

 For the past six years I have worked with Ecademy as part of their support team and that has gone now as well.  When it changed over to Sunzu they already had a team in place and the old team including yours truly have been left behind.  For the past six years I have lived and breathed Ecademy and business networking and now I am feeling a bit lost.  

 I’ve had to put my coaching course on hold as well.  I can’t seek myself getting back into that again either.  Most things are standing in a check-mate state.

 I just feel in a paralysed state


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