Actually, now I am out of sync with the time……

….I am going to bed later and getting up later along with the other members of the household.  

In November of late I went along to a Women’s Networking evening and met Jo Bremmer who introduced me to the Lyoness International Cashback and Loyalty Club.

With the intention of doing most of my shopping through this card I would be able to create myself a residual income plus commissions of quite a substantial amount.  Most people that I know well are dreadfully cynical and suspicious of doing anything new and when you see the figure of how slow it is to create something they tell me that it is not worth it.  But I just have this feeling that all things big start from things that are small.  After trying for six years to get people along to networking events of which they find tedious and boring as they are introverts and have no people or networking skills I look at actually what does rock their boat and find that it is “Music”

No word of a lie – in fact in the past six months I have connected up with people from a wide range of life of whom I had never met if it hadn’t been for the fact that I started to attend local live music “Gigs” and met some famous people along the way!  

As we know we can’t be good at everything with the exception of a few people the Musicians are not that good at IT and Social Media is really complicated to them so I agreed to help someone out and have made lots of new connections and I am find it all every educational.  Seems to be quite a small world between the fans of Led Zepplin for example, if you look on their Facebook friends everyone seems to know everyone…

 Then I undertook a session with Stuart Kerslake on Core Process and mine was getting a buzz out of helping creative people which had been my initial intention with my Coaching Course helping Entrepreneurial types get started in business networking.

Going back to Social Media you need to create a type of Momentum around a subject to get others talking and so you need to create a tribe of people supporting and the only way to start that off is to support them,


A type of givers gain, creates energy that draws people in.  




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