Leadership – Are You Following The Person That Has Your Interests At Heart?

I was influenced and inspired by Amanda Wells – http://www.amandawellsministries.com/category/blog/ who came to our church (Suncoast Church) I have recently read a blog she wrote about understanding the chemistry of the person who was leading your team and was their leadership right for the team?


As I mentioned before my calling with regards to “Servant Leadership” that is about looking after other people.

What does Leadership mean to you?

Have you been on a team with highly competent people?

Have you found that sometimes that person is acting like a self-serving jerk.?

A team I am part of uses a strategy and expects us all to adhere to – based on finances!

Relies heavily on the individual’s finances.  Their ability to self-fund from savings or their main occupation, regardless of whether the business is producing an income that could be used to spend on the training expenses.

Those of us that are living from hand to mouth and don’t have spare capital can’t keep up with the rest!

Should someone pitch you a business opportunity and they are clearly looking for what you want to change in your life – look very carefully at this leader’s philosophy to how and what their expectation of you will be before you commit your finances. 

In my business and building my team I will look at individuals skills and abilities and how their can be monetised to work together to help the whole team succeed.

Before I became “The Connector “ I was called “Sunsetwoman” as I was always on the computer and Internet at Sunset when I had got the children into bed, this was my time to build my business.


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