My recent encounter with the Supernatural

Seemly, it has been quiet but I have been away undertaking a temping role in #Lewes!

Had a contract for a few weeks working in #Lewes – turned out to be working in a haunted building!  The thought would never had entered my head if it hadn’t been for the incident when I was in the ladies toilet, I heard high heeled shoes entering the room, as I was in a cubical I was not aware of who entered but just heard the door open and close.

It did occur to me that it was strange that no sound of clothes rustling then occurred next to me,  but when I was in front of the wash basin 2 minutes later I saw the water run on it’s own.

Well as I had got up two days running prior to the current one at 4am and was working from 6.30am to 6.30pm I was quite tired and the whole scenario never sunk in until break time when the subject of ‘ghosts’ in the building was mentioned and in particular conversation between other staff.

Spooky goings on including hearing heavy breathing and a sharp prod in my lower back incidentally really freaked me out, i used to dread going into work especially on the night shifts when the main fire door would slam on it’s own

As a Christian I would always prayer ask others to pray for me and be in agreement to their prayers.  Great when you are at home, every time I shut my eyes I would be in that large room, well I spent such a lot of time there it was hardly surprising.  Well, perhaps I should have agreed with the others that of course this could not hurt me but the fact of not knowing what or who it the spirit was was the un-nerving thing.

Glad to say that this task is not over.  Lewes is however, renownded for hauntings etc, just Google for more details…


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