Weird how things develop, one action in a particular direction…..

 …can create a different set of events.  That’s how it all started, never my intention to spend a lot of time in this particular pub as rock music wasn’t high on my agenda, in the beginning I didn’t like it at all and I didn’t really like the people that went there either…

Not that I think I am better than them or anything like that, I just couldn’t relate to them…then one day I was convicted that I should make an effort to befriend a few.   Not that difficult, there was a small group that my friend knew and at the end of the evening they were most often the worst for wear, their consumption of alcohol would have taken it’s toll and I would help them get home in my car.  On those occasions I would only have one alcoholic drink myself.

We may disagree on this issue as a Christian, nowhere in the Bible does it say you can’t have a drink, just says don’t get drunk.  For your own protection really as it alters your mindset, you end up saying and doing things you other wise wouldn’t have done. 

 I can confess to being partial to a glass of red wine or two which is relaxing  so evidently the car these days gets left at home and I get a lift there and back and sometimes share a taxi home…

Over the past three years we have all met up a lot at the pub, we have all gone to Butlins a couple of times as well to the 70’s Weekends, we have had meals at my home…  These days I know most people there at the pub and I’m there every weekend.  I have a vast mixture of friends both young and old…

The small group of people that once I would not have had anytime for are now my friends and I have begun to understand why they are drinking so heavily, the ultimate weight of their lives issues.  Disappointments, heartbreaks generally everything that goes on in my life too and this is just their way of handling it. 

I have gently probed them about their understanding of God, most of them are not believers, or once they did have a faith but there have been major issues in their life which have eroded it away…

The music has sort of grown on me, the bands; I am now keen to attend when they play at our pub.    I see that in fact it is a great passion for many people to be singing and one Christmas I went to a Christmas event and heard a local band, befriended them on Facebook and for a while followed the person  the person led me to know other women who share the passion for the music…

We became almost “rent a crowd” , where the band plays locally we will be there.  I noticed the person took advantage of his role as the leader and was exploiting it with who ever was willing to be taken advantage of, needless to say a few broken hearts have developed and our group has  gone from “rent a crowd” to just us two! My friend and I who have decided not to entertain any of this

At the very last moment the other week I went to the Congress Theatre to see one of the UK Tribute bands for Led Zepplin – I have never thought about listening to this band, never bought a record in my life, but despite acoustics being really poor, probably as the venue was half empty I could see the singers had a passion for the music, I couldn’t hear the words but I enjoyed the instrumental side of it.    

I connected with them on Facebook, just the same as I do with anyone else….

Last Saturday at our pub we had a guest singer with a group that probably sing there once a month… I only discovered this when I went to look at the photo’s. This time I am not in any photos as I didn’t go near the front due to the of the heat of the evening being so humid outside the inside was about 35c…made the discovery that the singer was in fact with a very famous tribute band Letz Zepp, of course I have never heard of them and since have just carried out a little bit of research.   I am interested to know more about the spiritual side of it as having been told about the darkness that is involved with it while doing so I pray against the darkness  and believe for God’s protection




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