TWITALYZER- What do they say about you….

After reading some statistics on a Facebook profile today I input my main Twitter Account @Stella_Holman and got this;-

Stella_Holman (@stella_holman) is a 45-54 year old who lives near Eastbourne, England, United Kingdom. According to their description on, Stella_Holman is a Faith,Professional Networker- Encourager, Supporter, Leadership – working with a vision plan and purpose to make a difference to YOU.

Stella_Holman has an average Twitalyzer Impact score in the last 30 days of 2.7% (putting them in the 81st percentile of all Twitter users) and is classified by Twitalyzer as a Everyday User (having a small circle of influence but great potential.)

When we last looked about 0 minutes ago, Stella_Holman had 7,337 followers and was following 7,772 other Twitter users.

Scoring 81 –

Impact, as defined by Twitalyzer, is a combination of the following factors:

  • The number of followers a user has
  • The number of references and citations of the user
  • How often the user is retweeted
  • How often the user is retweeting other people
  • The relative frequency at which the user posts update

KLOUT SCORING – 58 – Klout’s K Score is a measure of the impact of opinions, links and recommendations across an individual’s social graph. This score is calculated and provided by our friends at Klout.

PEERINDEX -SCORING 59 – Your overall PeerIndex is a relative measure of your online authority. This score reflects the impact of your online activities, and the extent to which you have built up social and reputational capital on the web. This score is calculated by our friends at PeerIndex.


Social Relationships

Recently Stella_Holman has been actively engaged in conversation with influencers including Karin Sebelin, Brigitte Klawonn, Jackie Groundsell,

Topics and Communities

According to our friends at Klout and PeerIndex, Stella_Holman is frequently talking about agriculture, art history and comics. Stella_Holman actively participates in the #TheConnector, #Business and #coaching communities in Twitter.


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