The strength to handle this crisis and the #wisdom to know what to do will be yours if you’ll just go a little further….

Now I am back working from home I run my daughter to a neighbouring  town to work every morning and pick her up in the evening.  This morning I listened to the recording of yesterday’s service for Suncoast Church – based on having your VISION in place to enable you to achieve. The desire to achieve your vision will propel you forward.  A great word of Encouragement to start the day, picking up the vision of someone else to serve.   Then God works in mysterious ways and assists you to make your own vision and dreams come to pass.  This ties in with today’s “Word for Today message “prayer, going a little further – Matthew 26:39

I spent the last nine months helping to achieve the vision of another business as an employee and amazingly in this time my Social Media Marketing business flourished, so much so that I felt confident to go back and start afresh with some new ideas that had been going through my mind for some time.

Being self-employed and employed is a very different scenario, being self-employed you have to stay motivated and driven to achieve, while working for someone else you need to be carrying out all the requirements of the job to the book or you will find they ask you to leave!

Financially, it is nice to have the regular income while being employed but in this day and age nothing seems to be forever.  Certainly that monthly pay cheque is very unreliable and it is always best to have a Plan B.

My Plan B was building a residual income – of course the way forward is #Network-Marketing.   I was very fortunate through running a small business and attending networking events that I was able to get the opportunity to join World Ventures.  Of course the travel was very appealing as I saw that I would be able to use the membership to stay in five star hotels for the price of two star and as I really enjoyed going to networking events in Europe I thought this would benefit me.

Most Network-Marketing people will tell you that the way to run this as a business you need to operate with the business in mind, so then what you are doing on a daily basis for an hour or so is to just ask people to make an appointment with you to be in front of their computer for 20 minutes to view a presentation after which you have already pre-arranged with another team member to be on hand to answer their questions.  Skype has proven to be a very good method for this.  Once someone commits they are introduced to the other members of our team and assisted to get started.  I was really fortunate to work hard and get 13 people so I was able to recover my outlay.

Then depending on where you are based there are meetings to attend if you want to or you can just listen in to pre-recorded videos available in your back office.  We have our live weekly call by telephone and then there is the opportunity to join in on the weekly webinair, so if you cannot get out to events you do not feel isolated and alone!

Quite a good lifestyle to get involved with – a membership club and the opportunity to meet and travel all over the world. Also the opportunity to get involved with missions.

I have concentrated on building my network as for much of the time I was a single parent at home bringing up two children, so I never had the cash to pay for the vacations as in the school holiday times, flight and accommodation was the most expensive.  I just kept the goal in mind to build the residual income.   Really, everyone is a potential customer as all you have is the initial outlay, then the monthly subscription, once you have your four people in place you pay no more.  There is no excuses, even if people may say that they won’t use the membership, if they are no longer paying for the subscription they are gaining a residual income and benefiting from others who might be using their membership to travel – everyone is a winner!

People have told me that they feel that they don’t have anyone to ask, once they have asked to their friends and family, then they feel stuck.   I created a Twitter called @Refer4PayNoMore and then a page on Facebook   I am also using #Pinterest and here is my #Dreamtripsboard to give me ideas to post and share to my network.

Would love to have you as part of my International Team.


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