28th – 30th August 2013

After anything to do with surgery the hospital gets you up and about as soon as they can and when they are sure you can walk and do a few things for yourself they let you leave. They then carry out assistance at home.  The Physio’s gave me a set of exercises to do to build the muscles in my leg and showed me the correct way to go up and down the stairs.  At home going down stairs is easy, going up I wish there was somebody to carry me.  Really a trial to get upstairs on one leg.  

On my ward were five ladies between the ages of probably 70’s to 93 years.   I haven’t had much to do with old people since my Mother past away in 1997. The lady in the next bed who was 93 was quite funny, she had totally lost her bearings of where she was and also didn’t know if it was night or day.  

I was so thankful for the electric point behind my bed to keep my IPhone on full charge so i could keep in touch with my notifications on the Social Networks and text to my family and friends.  

Food was good, nice to be waited on and since coming home I am blessed to have lots of help and support from my friends and people from church.


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