26th August 2013

Despite having lots of fun  socializing with my friends on the Bank Holiday Monday i felt sad.  I got a lift to pick up my car from Polegate and then accepted an invite to visit a friend.  

I appreciate the friendship we have shared over the past 26 years and how we can chat and joke over our lives and the up’s and downs.  I recalled the empathy i felt for another friend who’s life seemed difficult but I could not help them to change their perspective or encourage them to get out of their comfort zone to make a few changes and set themselves small goals to move ahead.

“A Deer in Headlights” seems to sum up how a lot of people feel and that they don’t see any way out of their circumstances.

When i left to go home my head was in the clouds and typically i was multi-tasking while walking along and slipped up, next thing I knew i was flying though the air, leg slipped beneath me and I landed rather awkwardly, i immediately felt sick and thought I had broken my leg.  Called my friend and she came to help me, called the ambulance and I went to our #Eastbourne A&E.

My friend went home and and my son joined me within four hours I was on the operating table as ex-rays showed i had fractured my hip.  


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