The Importance of being true to oneself

I remember that song called “Eleanor Rigby” that came out in the 1960’s – it is about self-imposed isolation that comes from trying to blend into the crowd or staying inside the comfort zone.

Partly the reason why I started this Blog, so that I could share what went on in my head and what gave me the thoughts and inspirations to write.

I know that to some people I seem elusive but that really is due to being shy and not being forthright when in a crowd of strangers.   I believe in any case it takes a while to build real friendships and be able to trust people.  That deep down gut reaction you have when in a situation is normally correct.  You may choose to give the person the “benefit of the doubt” which is what I do from time to time, even though circumstances come to the fact that I live to regret it.   I guess it comes from being a “Servant Leader” always thinking of helping the other person and also the gift of “mercy” when you know that other people are in a struggle and you want to help them, but actually, it would have been wiser to have let them be, their struggle was due to their own doing and they should be left to find the wisdom and discernment to take their next step alone.  A bit like the story of the Caterpillar that turns into the Butterfly, it is important to go through all those stages no matter how painful they are to be able to reach the next stage in development as you know creation/nature in the end intended for the creature to be the beautiful butterfly.

Another side to this is saying “Yes” when really you should be saying “No”.  If you go along with everyone else as you don’t want to stand out in the crowd or get out of your comfort zone, eventually if you have a conscious you will realise that you just can’t carry on, in fact nothing will be going right anymore, not matter what you turn your hand to not being true to yourself will have a negative effect on your life overall.



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