September went fast.

Ultra Challenge Day went well. Met a few new people (women) that enjoyed walking. Discussed doing a similar challenge next year. I said it would need to be flatter, enjoyed the sunshine and got a lot of exercise. My feet survived it. No blisters thankfully.

Week 2 – not so good- thought I had a Gastritis flare up, chemist gave me “Milk of Magnesia” which really seemed to give me a burning sensation in my gut. For a long time, I was unable to eat anything. Just drinking sips of water and lying in bed due to having a fever. Went back to work on the Thursday and found two others had had the same issue.

Week 3 – my long awaited vacation but due to a type of gastric flu not able to venture out too much. Most plans for this week cancelled because of the death of Queen Elisabeth.

In a way I was grateful not to have to go up to London even though I had been looking forward to seeing my Entrepreneurial friends. Not seen them in person since before lockdown/covid. Actually, I’ve not been on a train since before Covid either.

I have just been driving in my car and using the bus. Started my Sussex Gospel Partnership Bible Study Course, one a month for 2 years.

Week 3- On my week off I went to the local health club, went to watch some friends playing in their bands at various venues in Hastings.

Week 4 – Then I was fortunate to be able to work from home for a few weeks.

Discovered I had lost 10kilos. Now I can wear my super dry jacket again.

Keen to keep up the fitness regime. Making sure I actively walk or go to the gym weekly to walk on the treadmill.



Are you a mere Starter but also a Finisher?

When the enthusiasm for a new idea fades, do you carry on or make excuses and quit?

When the odds against you increase and the results diminish you just strive to continue and not take your eyes off the dream of the end result.  Quitting is more about who you are, than where you are or what you are up against.  We all have our excuses but external influences should not hold you back!

Most of us stop ourselves from reaching our full potential.  We can pretend that people, situations and things outside of ourselves are to blame, but really it is our self image and lack of confidence that tries dampen our enthusiasm and achievements.

Strive to achieve that positive mindset and keep on keeping on until you reach your goal