Guidelines of how to accomplish your Purpose in Life.

Successfully, share your dream with other people.

Connect with them in the following ways;-


What people don’t believe – they don’t buy into. Share your vision and communicate what is happening today! Communicate an understanding of the successes and also the challenges you are overcoming.   

Create a Strategy

 Share the strategy, i.e  how we can expect to move forward step-by-step  and create goals to move us forward.   Ideally, work as a team –  different tasks are delegated to individuals, the task seems more attainable and each person involved has an increased sense of personal ownership and involvement.

 Together – Everyone – Achieves – More

Share your Dream Emotionally

Can you communicate your passion!    When we work hard and are successful, we receive rewards, we get excited about them

We seek like-minded people, to partner up with us, we understand that 10% of people are Pioneers, 70% percent are Settlers and 20%  are Antagonists.

 My goal is to win over the Pioneers, to wait for the Settlers and to leave the Antagonists behind.  Which category do you fall into?  Comment on the POLL

 Share your Dream Visually

 When people understand what you are trying to do and achieve they will buy into it.

 Most people want to feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves, when a dream is truly great it benefits everyone.. You need to help them connect with the opportunities for achieving personal growth, finding fulfillment and increasing their self-esteem.

 Communicate the reasons you chose to do what you did and what price or sacrifices you were willing to make to make sure you will achieve your dream..

 Live the dream, practice integrity and then you achieve a degree of success, the results will speak for themselves and people that have the same mindset will take ownership of it and join you.