#workingfromhome building a residual income

I was working remotely for eleven years. I left a sales job because finding affordable childcare in the school holidays was impossible.

We didn’t have a lot of money but I enjoyed working from home and being available to go to the school and joining in with their outings, helping with lunchtime clubs and afterschool clubs. My work fitted in between.

I had learnt some online skills and was able to find small business enterprises that understood what I was able to offer because they were already offering a similar service. I was another pair of hands to help them achieve their goals. Working remotely, gave me the opportunity to work at a time that suited me. In local business clubs I was offering #OnlineMarketing it was new, people didn’t think it would take off and now everyone is doing it.

At this time I was working as a #freelancer for the online business club #Ecademy. Through #Ecademy I joined their premium membership #Blackstar and was able to attend workshops and learnt various business skills and Social Media support/creating and social selling.

We undertook several profiling assessments with view to improve teamwork and networking.

D.I.S.C by psychologist William Moulton Marston which centres on four different personality traits. Then we also had IMA from James Knight who chose to place personalities into colours.

In 2012, I joined World Ventures and again there was another system personality Test. This one again put people into colours. Once undertaken this test you will have had a much better understanding of who you are and what your natural tendencies are, and more importantly, you will understand the people who are not like you much more clearly, and uncover a much easier and more effective way to interact and communicate with those people. While no one can be totally defined by which of the four basic groups they fall into, once you learn how to read people’s colors (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow) you will have a competitive advantage in understanding what will be the most effective way to communicate with them for the purpose of business networking.

I was a bit timid when i started off in all these business ventures, but was particularly drawn in this for the opportunities to attend Leadership seminars globally. Now in 2020, the company has grown so large and has embraced technology and made it a whole lot easier to be involved with a home based business with all the resources at your fingertips.

For those of us who use #Smartphones the business can be operated from your phone on various apps. Though of course there is also a desktop version for all to use.

There is a structure in place to follow, though you are your own Boss of course. I am fitting in the prospecting around working in the day time and use the autoresponder app (Rapid Funnel) to send out the information to those who request it and then this carries on following up until people are ready to make a decision.

I am therefore inviting people to consider what their PLAN-B maybe for this time of uncertainty during the Corona Virus and in this time of lockdown where we are advised to say at home, would an additional source of income come in handy? What about the future? This opportunity is suitable for both young and old to build a residual income for your legacy.

Local #celebrity Rick Bonner – serenading the public , raising money for the Homeless in #Eastbourne this Friday

Rick Bonner will be serenading the public with his festive set at the Christmas market, raising money for the homeless in Eastbourne this coming Friday, 20 December 2019. Pay him a visit and donate whilst you’re down thereIMG_3246

2019/20 Winter Night Shelter
Led by https://kingdomwaytrust.org/winter-night-shelter

Began on the 1st December and will run until the 29th of February.

We always welcome new volunteers If you want to volunteer to work alongside one of the teams from the local churches then check out the volunteer page where you will find a sign up form and discover details of the training evenings here

The Eastbourne Winter Night Shelter is provided by several Eastbourne churches cooperating together and offers supervised overnight accommodation to homeless and vulnerable people who would otherwise be rough sleeping during the extreme winter months (December – February inclusive), on the streets of Eastbourne.


All guests wishing to access the Winter Night Shelter are required to come through our Registration Process. Potential guests can be referred to us via many different agencies including Matthew 25 Mission, the Salvation Army, Foodbank, Eastbourne council, 1 Grove Road, Eastbourne, next to the Library

To access the Winter Night Shelter guests are invited to attend a short interview with the referral team.

Recruiting Has Got Smarter

Dear Employer,

Because you’re a business who employs people I wanted to let you know that you can now create a free company page on http://www.jobhop.co.uk/

This is why you should have one:

It will showcase your company culture
Help your employer brand
Give you a place to highlight your internal brand
Advertise jobs
Company pages get shared on social media
Company blog
Attract & source great candidates
Connect with great candidates
Helps your company get found on Google

All the above is FREE

Go to http://www.jobhop.co.uk/ > click employers

If you want more then you can have all the above plus:
Unlimited job postings
Jobs get shared on social media
Unlimited admins to manage the page
Additional media added
Create talent communities
A preferential company page

All you would need to do is upgrade your company page

Visit the website to learn more http://www.jobhop.co.uk/

Stella Holman
Affiliate for Jobhop


Mid week

I have had to leave this blog a couple of days to give me time to catch up with all my emails and do some marketing for my various businesses activates.  Still quite a bit to do, but I have started with some of it so there is information for people to read.

Over 1000 messages to read on LinkedIn, some of which are invites that never seem to diminish.  I don’t connect with everyone these days.   I have stopped connecting with people who are going to write to me to ask about me finding them work i.e outsourcing to India  I am only connecting with people that may be interested in something I am offering or they have something I need or are willing to network. People that are just adding me to get their numbers up I will decline, also people that have no profile or no picture.

I really need to go back through all my connections and re-connect via email.  I never will run out of people as “The Connector” I always have lots of people interested top connect with me.

Julian, Sonia and I sat up late and watched the “Shutter Island – http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1130884/  with Leonardo DiCaprio,  my advice is don’t watch it before you go to bed like we did

On Empire Avenue, Nokia invested in me – sometime since I invested 10 in them.  Quite an achievement to receive a reinvestment.  I have two accounts (e)TheConnector and also (e)IveyBusiness and so I have to play every day to maintain the score.

I am currently putting the (e)eaves aside to be able to buy extra shares in other people and it takes a bit of time to do this but it is part of the game and helps to raise the score.

We bought the whole set of Harry Potter and then watched them all in a week and went to see the last film earlier on in this month.  I never realised it was Alan Rickman that played the part of “Snape”.  Since this time I have been following Alan Rickman’s acting career

There is an amazing amount of information on the Internet and video clippings on Youtube.   I have created two playlists – one called Alan Rickman – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL281FE6D0A24CD2B4 and the other is anything to do with Harry Potter itself http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDB2A94CB70EF35A1

There are quite a few people that have set up accounts on Twitter that post info on Alan Rickman and art-work created by fans, it is all quite interesting. Quite a few people are pretending to be Snape and I have connected to a few

Well, since I have been more vocal on Twitter I have had quite a few new people follow me this week, this has helped my Klout score.

I was to be part of the team with the Digital Brighton Conference at the end of this month and have to tweet details about that so have also had a few local followers.

I found out yesterday that the DBC has been postponed.  I am glad as I need to concentrate on my own business so I don’t let down the people that depend on me to develop their lead generation.

I am also still tweeting about the £5 million Penthouse and the paper is still being circulated around my Twitter Accounts though it could do with more subscribers.

I have had a good response to my Digital Marketing and was able to book appointments for 3 way calls later on this week.

Today I will be networking on Empire Avenue and re-vamping my profile on LinkedIn..