#SAAS Service


The PeerSaaS platform was developed with the concept of commitment management at the core of the system. With it, you can have a very constructive preliminary conversation with your client, where you can ask the following questions after you have received agreement on the assignments:

  • “When will you begin to work on the assignment?”

  • “What do you need to do to prepare for the assignment?”

  • “Anything I can help you with?”

  • “Who else can support you?”

By the time, you’ve asked these questions, you will have identified the perfect milestones to track.


I used this platform to engage with my clients and associates. I used it to keep a record of the commitments I  made with them.  I could see at a glance the tasks/projects I committed myself to and how much time I had left to complete them and I had a clear record of my priorities.

As someone who hates to be taken for granted, encouragement gives me the motivation to continue and stops me procrastinating.   I enjoy receiving the appreciation notes with badges and the functionality to share them on my Social Media channels.  Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.Screenshot 2017-03-21 11.13.50


Now, if you and your client have a subscription to PeerSaaS, it becomes very simple to go online and record the due date and time, title the goal or objective, assign it to the client and specify the agreed to steps in the new commitment dialogue box. I suggest that you are systematic and thorough in explaining the agreed to expectations and outcomes.

 Your client can then accept the commitment request and start working on it. With your interim follow-up, you can support the progress and remind them of the agreed upon submission process. Now, what makes  PeerSaaS such a great platform for coaches is that it provides tracking that allows the client to receive points for submission as well as points for your feedback in terms of quality of the submission. This is based on gamification practices being utilised in many business processes today.

Keep in mind the action of writing something down, having someone else accept it and see it online is a powerful tool in motivating people to action. The key is being diligent in monitoring and conversing between calls.

If you need to, agree to set a reminder to follow-up with your client in the interim. When you do, you will help drive action toward these stated commitments, and you will show your clients that you genuinely care about the progress they make. Your follow-up can be the difference that makes the difference!

 To handle the follow-up, the PeerSaaS platform utilises the power of Facebook Messenger to allow you and your client to have a text discussion of questions, thoughts or even the transfer of documents between you.

 When all the steps are completed, the points are now part of the client’s Leaderboard where they can see the progress them are making, it will also provide a great repository for them to refer to when they are looking back at how far they have come. There are also appreciation badges that you can offer to your clients if they do something over and above what is expected, further reinforcing the work and positive benefits of follow-up.

Now the question of cost comes up often and this is what I suggest:

  • I suggest you, as the coach, signup to the Platinum unlimited connection plan at $11.99 per month, which you can then allocate across your entire base of clients. If you have 10 clients in a month that is $1.20 per month for each client which you can absorb in your hourly rate.

  • Then I suggest you embed a discount to help incentivize your clients to purchase the Bronze plan and feel that is paid for with the discount.  The Bronze plan has a 25-connection limit but has all the other benefits of the Platinum. You can use a 5% number for your clients. For example, if you are charging $75/hour and you meet twice a month, the discount will be $7.50 which more than covers their cost.

For more information please check out https://www.facebook.com/PeerSaaS/and send a message to arrange an appointment with Rob Peters.