Do You Have The Heart To Serve?

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People follow me and I follow them back, then we have a conversation and we discover where or not we can work together ( Creative digital marketing service and what the budget is or whether we can collaborate.

My passion in business is finding people who want to join “My Tribe” and be part of the global family of people that have the heart for Servant Leadership.

Is this you? – Servant Leadership
A Person of character: Makes ethical and principle-centered decisions. …
Puts people first: Shows care and concern. …
Skilled communicator: Listens earnestly & speaks effectively. …
Compassionate collaborator: …
Has foresight: …
Systems thinker: …
Leads with moral authority.

In this global family there is a system that helps people to earn a living – ” Earn a living – living” is our motto. Most people love to travel, stay in beautiful locations and if they have the money stay in the best accommodation that they can afford. This company make this achievable through their membership.

Taking the above into consideration and answer the survey to receive your further information. 2020 Survey.

We have training accessible online through apps and meetings on Zoom.

You can access the app Zoom either on a laptop or mobile. Training and support will be available. Please download the app Zoom

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