Building a Community_Using Pictures

I am interested in #GlobalEducation and found this #blog very interesting

Collaborative-multiauthors-multiculture Education

Building a Community: Using Pictures

There are many “buzz” words in education; filtering, understanding, and implementing concepts can seem overwhelming. Many questions arise. Why does it matter? Where do I start? What will this mean for my students? So I focused on one concept: building a community. This is one way my classroom developed their sense of community.
A few words from the “Kid President

…. (My “hook” to my students)

Why does it matter?
Building a community within and outside of the classroom focuses deeply on the implications and actions of the story it tells to others. I remember a student once proclaiming,” You must live at school, its your home!” That student was 5 years old at the time and those seemingly innocent comments made me think. How can we transform our classroom into a community?…

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