October 2014 I made the decision to upgrade to #Platinum

Always been glad with the decision to join #WorldVentures.  I have met some wonderful people and have had opportunity to go to some inspiring business #meet-ups and receive input into my life from outstanding speakers.

When i first joined the company, i was sold out on the concept of building a network of like-minded people who loved to travel and would be able to create a #residual income that would enable them to live the life of their dreams.  Well, i am still on this journey.   I confess to have seen people that have been sold out in the beginning, started to follow and get involved with the amazing training programme we have in place  then they let life get in the way and fell away… I can see that in a comparison to #parable of the sower comes to mind….(Matthew 13 http://www.gotquestions.org/parable-sower.html ) Initially, powered up with the training but then life’s obstacles come and the initial understanding goes by the way side.

Of course the people that never understand the power of many and who are just sold out and have the negative beliefs instilled upon them about “get rich quick schemes” which of course this isn’t but someone with that lie in their mind will tell you it is!

Well, you think you know your friends too, but then you share the amazing concept but find they are skeptical, say it’s too good to be true or really they don’t want to tell you that their ability to use a PC is totally zero.   If they think they have to use their own PC to book a vacation they will bolt….

So continuing on, networking to find the like-minded individuals who can use a PC and of course love the idea of staying in a five star hotel and paying 2 star prices, with the bonus now of the #platinum membership  unique travel experiences spanning the globe. Trips that offer spectacular #adventures, custom #tourpackages, enticing amenities and special services – all at attractive Member pricing that makes it easy to enjoy more. Not only that, your #DreamTrips Membership opens the door to great deals on #shopping,#dining and #entertainment in your own city and many #DreamTrips destinations.


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