The Ultimate Fitness LifeSTYLE Training Program begins again on Thursday, October 10th, #Nashville, #Tennessee @SECoast_SocialB

The Ultimate Fitness LifeSTYLE Training Program begins again on Thursday, October 10th

I am sharing this information for you to consider to join this course especially those interested in making an improvement in your fitness level.

Carlos Merriweather was on high blood pressure medication for years, until recently. His doctor actually ordered him off the medication! He has healed himself of high blood pressure by making LifeSTYLE changes.

Since Liz Merriweather began training with Coach Josh in February of 2012  Liz and Carlos lost a total of 80 pounds and are now both at their  ideal weight. They have learned to eat to stay fit, for life. Liz continued her strength training towards the goal of entering a bodybuilding competition in 2014. Not bad for a 52 year old!

The truth is that age does not matter. A person can be very fit, or very unfit, at any age and there is no better time than today to begin making changes in your relationship with food and exercise; changes that will affect the way you live the rest of your life.

You may want to lose, and keep off those nagging 20 extra pounds, you may be morbidly obese, or you may be lean and fit, preparing for an athletic competition. No matter what your health and fitness goals are, working with Coach Josh and Liz, your Mindset Matters coach, will help you reach them quicker and smarter.

If you weren’t able to attend last Thursday’s call, “How to Fix the 12 Deadly Fat Loss Sins,” take this opportunity to hear it for yourself.  As you’re listening, watch for The Healthy Heart  to pop up! Share this replay with friends and family you care about, especially if they are suffering from any lifestyle-induced diseases. Coach Josh shares how to make changes that will lead to improved health and fitness, ,fat loss and overall muscle gain. You don’t need to be bulk to be fit but you do need to be fit to be healthy.

Forward this note  to those friends and family you care most care about, regardless of their fitness level. It could, literally, be lifesaving. Right knowledge combined with a desire for change is truly a miraculous formula. More details;-

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