What would inspire you to join a Team?

“Life’s too tough to get to the top without passion. You’re going to fail, be taken advantage of, be disappointed by people you trust, disappoint yourself, run out of resources.  Almost every day you’re going to encounter a good, solid, logical reason why you ought to give up. And without passion, you just might. That’s why passion is the prerequisite for peak performance.

Peak performance is dependent on passion, grit, determination, and a willingness carrying on doing something until you can do it well. True peak performance is influenced by the condition of your physical, spiritual, business and family life.



I’ve met people all through my life who had passion of a sort. But because their passion wasn’t fueled by purpose, it would come and go in bits and pieces. They were trying to generate their passion out of their own energy day after day, something that’s ultimately unsustainable. Scientists have yet to invent the world’s first perpetual-motion machine—everything runs down or runs out of gas eventually, including human beings trying to maximize their peak performance day after day.

Part of this text was taken from an article I read written by Zig Ziglar which I want to use to #EMPOWER AND #INSPIRE people get passionate and achieve their purpose.  

Join my team of people who are like minded – Entrepreneurial who are working together, helping and supporting each other overlooking each others faults but strive to make sure that all excel in their talents and make a living doing what they love.

The Connector – vision – Plan and Purpose is active on Facebook, Sunzu, LinkedIn and there is a new community being built on Google aimed at people who will inspire and encourage other people to be Entrepreneurial – use their gifts and talents to make a living.  



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