In 2010, I joined World Ventures.  I was totally sold on this idea of networking marketing, viral marketing, world of mouth etc and I believed and still do that there is a lot of people unknowingly that could benefit from being part of this world-wide organisation and have opportunity to “Make a Living Living.”

All I was doing was signing up to be part of a world-wide travel club and having the advantage to sell the memberships to my connections.  The Travel Agency Rovia take care of all the negotiations for the it is all straightforward.

In 2010 there were not many vacations which didn’t really bother me in the slightest as I wasn’t in the position to take advantage of them as I am a single parent and had two children at school.  The business model I believed is one in which with the build up of commissions over a period of time you can afford to go on a vacation. even the Dream Holiday of a Lifetime would be achievable.

With my networking side of my life I was keen to be part of an organisation that inspects accommodation in the hospitality industry and as I frequently have to travel alone to networking events.  The World Ventures prices to stay in a 5 star rating for the price of a 2 star rating are very appealing.

The missing link you need to make this a success is supportive like minded people.  You need to be in the company of people who are going to see this as a challenge and work with the business plan which is indicated in this compensation plan.

You need to have some mental drive/Entreprenerial enthusiasm behind you and I do believe that those with a sales background could do extremely well as you are used to keeping the customer’s objectives in mind and will make the sale based on the promotion of the favourable benefits

Looking at the opportunity from a different point of View and angle – this is my web site to book travel, can you see on the left hand top corner is the reference to Rovia Price Pledge rate shrinker – definitely worth a read, basically means that you can always count on Rovia to get the best value for money for your money even afterwards when it is booked and paid for their will still continue to make sure the price you paid is the cheapest.

If you are part of a club or a group of people that enjoyed travelling together you could all sign up and help each other to get their four people – once everyone has enrolled four then their monthly membership is waived.  Even if the network-marketing side of the business is of no interest to you – think carefully about this!  Could you benefit from an additional income or an investment of some kind that was going to grown into a nest egg for you or you could take that Dream Vacation!

” Who do you know that has always wanted to go on a CRUISE? In August #World Ventures have the 7-NIGHT MEDITERRANEAN CRUISE ON THE RCCL SPLENDOUR OF THE SEAS DEPARTS VENICE”

When – August 3 – August 10, 2013 – As a member of the World Ventures TRAVEL CLUB you would make a saving of 25%, + you can book your flight to Venice also as part of your Membership.

Get 20 people booked and you will have your own Dreamtrips Host.

More info on this link –


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