A Nifty Secret to Get More Vacation Time out of Your Dreamtrip’s Life Membership

Since many DreamTrips are planned as 3- to 4-day stays or cruises, many people use the Hotel or Resort Getaway connections to extend their vacation.

If you’re taking a 7-day DreamTrip, why not add 3 days at a nearby resort? For example, add 3 days at a Mexican beach resort to a Caribbean cruise.

What if you have 10 days or 2 weeks? Think about visiting destinations near the DreamTrip. For example, stay in Paris for a couple of days, then participate in a DreamTrip experience to Budapest, and then wrap it up with a private stay in Prague.

You could also bundle a couple of DreamTrips together. For example, start with a DreamTrip to Israel, then schedule a few private days in Rome, and wrap it up with a cruise.

When you book DreamTrips this way, you will fill your vacation with lots of exciting experiences coupled with some outstanding relaxation time, this information was shared by Mike Putman – Rovia President.

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